Introduction to the Romp & Roost Play Yard

Meet the Romp & Roost. There hasn’t been such a multi-tasker since the Swiss Army knife. Hear me out. Two littles to put to bed? Divider up and babes down. Easy. Safe spot for your kiddo to hang while you try to figure out how you have rice cereal on your back in the shower? Done. (Take your time, that stuff dries like glue.) Not feeling the hotel-provided crib? Wheel in the Romp & Roost (that’s right, I said wheel!). This little gem has got you covered. At 54” long by 40” wide, the Romp & Roost is the size of two traditional pack and plays and can hold up to 70 pounds. (Note to self, consider putting tween in the Romp & Roost next time she rolls her eyes.) This product is seriously a game-changer. Developed by a mama who wanted something like this for her own children, and figured if it was something she was missing, it was likely that other families felt the same way. Don’t you love that?



I only wish this product existed when my own children were little. My daughters are exactly two years apart, and those early years were busy! We love to travel, and I like to think having a safe place for both kids to sleep together would have been much more relaxing than big sis between mom and dad while baby sleeps in the pack and play. Just a guess. I also would have loved to cook dinner without wondering why it was suddenly so quiet in the other room. Glorious piece of mind. Of course we all survived, but it all could have been simplified with this one simple product. Raising little people is hard enough, let the Romp & Roost lend you a hand!

– Romp & Roost resident blogger and mom Heather Gilbert