How to obtain peace of mind and rest while traveling with little ones.

Whether you are a first–time parent or a seasoned veteran, the thought of traveling for the holidays with your littles can throw you into a panic attack. Where will they sleep? Do you think they will nap? What if they escape their bed and wander around a strange house in the middle of the night?

These are probably just a few of the questions waking you up at 3am in a cold sweat in the first few weeks of December. That is, if you aren’t already up at 3am feeding the little ones, taking them to the potty, or saving them from a bad dream!

I was that parent too! It is one of the many reasons I created the Romp & Roost play yard. Because it can accommodate one baby, multiple babies or oversized toddlers, it is perfect to help ease your traveling fears. What makes it different than a regular Pack and Play? It is twice the size accommodating up to 70 lbs, has a removable divider, and a travel bag with wheels. The icing on the cake is our soft waterproof sheets. Guess who isn’t going to be awake at Grandma’s this year? You and your little ones!

Let Romp & Roost give us parents peace–of–mind during the hustle and bustle of the holidays knowing our little ones are safe and contained, and best of all, SLEEPING!