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My journey in creating this idea began with searching for a large playpen with flooring on the internet to purchase for my daughter Capra. When she began trying to crawl and learning to pull up during “play time”, I realized that I had to find a safe environment for her to do this.   As Capra would tumble and fall on our floors learning her new skills, she would hurt herself immediately and began to cry even with blankets down to break the fall.  In addition, there are times throughout the day when, as a mom, I needed to get ready for work, do laundry, or other miscellaneous tasks and wasn’t able to watch her like a hawk every minute.  I wanted something large enough for her to play in that had a soft bottom for her stumbles and falls.  

To my shock and dismay, I could not find what I was looking for. I was able to find a traditional play yard with flooring that was too small or a playpen that has exterior perimeter “fencing”, but has no flooring. The traditional play yard was too small and the playpen simply goes on your regular floors. I, as most people these days, have wood floors and tile in the main living areas.  I found that the two products currently on the market that even came close to meeting my needs had deficiencies. Then, my idea came to me, and I realized this type of product could have even more uses and reach an even larger group of families.    It is an oversized collapsible play yard, an oversized single travel sleeper, and a dividable dual travel sleeper all wrapped up in a compact bag with wheels. The possibilities for this product’s uses are endless.

There are three main functions of this product.  First, with the divider out, it is a large area with flooring that is a safe and plentiful environment for one or even two infants to play independently or together as well as learn new skills like crawling or walking.  Second, with the divider out, it is a large sleeping area for a child who is too big for a traditional travel play yard but not quite big enough for a regular bed.  Even if the child is big enough for a regular bed, it can maximize space for sleeping while traveling.  Third, with the divider in, if you have two infants or twins, you have the ability to sleep both children without having to travel with two traditional travel play yards.

I didn’t set out to invent a product.  I am a Mom and a business owner of a family business that has been around for over 40 years.  I figured if I had a need, then so did a lot of other families.  I decided to combine my Mom skills and my business skills to fill this need.

Overview of Main Functions

  1. With the divider out, it allows one large playpen for one or two children to play independently or together or learn crawling and walking skills in a safe environment
  2. With the divider out, it can sleep one large toddler or small child with plenty of room
  3. With the divider in, it has the ability to sleep two infants/toddlers
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